Improve your local SEO

Top ways to improve your Local SEO listings

Ways to improve your local SEO rank

Where are you listed?

Social pages and listing sites are important mechanisms for conveying your business highlights to your potential customers. They are also incredibly important “signals” that Google processes when determining where your site will rank on a results page. Here are some key ways you make sure you have the most prominent ranking possible:

  1. Make sure your business details are accurate. Your NAP (name, address and phone number) should be up to date and the same across all sites where you are listed. 

  1. Ensure your business categories are accurate. Most listing sites allow for multiple categories, be sure to include only those that are within the scope of your business. 

  1. Update your business hours and make any changes for seasonality or a holiday schedule. 

  1. Respond to customer reviews. Express gratitude for good reviews, but also make sure to respond to any unfavorable reviews as well. Offer resolutions to any issues. 

  1. Post photos! This is a great way to show off your work and drive engagement. Engagement is a strong “signal” for ranking. Start by adding 5-7 high quality photos that showcase your work. This could be a portfolio, pictures of delicious food, beautiful photos of the interior of your store or restaurant. 

  1. Be “prominent.” This is admittedly a little nebulous, but Google will gather information from across the web, including links, articles and directories. The more you appear, the more “prominent” your site will be to Google. More reviews, and especially one that are positive will also influence your local ranking. 

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