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We’re wired for storytelling. Math wasn’t invented until relatively recently in our history. So… focus on your story and what it means to your customer. 

Some examples through history: 

  • Cave Paintings were our earliest form of documented history. Around 40,000 years ago people started finger painting their walls to convey information to current and future generations.
  • Constellations in the sky are stories almost 10,000 years old. The stories were told so that people could remember where specific stars were and how to get around at night. 
  • And of course, aliens put the pyramids in Egypt so we would remember they were here and that they would return. 

Our brains are wired for storytelling: 

  1. Relating: When we see or hear a great story, we identify and understand.
  2. Emotional Connection: Our brains actually release dopamine when we are told a truly compelling story. We do this so we can remember more easily and accurately. 
  3. Engagement: We’re more engaged when processing a story. It’s probably why you don’t sit down and read wikipedia, but you will sit and watch a sappy Lifetime movie, when your rational brain tells you the former would offer more benefit. 

Stories persuade:

It’s easy to throw stats back and forth in an argument. It’s much more difficult to argue against a good story. 

We’re being facetious about the aliens in Egypt piece, of course. But… the point is it’s a story you’ll remember. Make sure yours is memorable as well. 

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