Fish in less crowded ponds

A somewhat infamous (but effective) CMO once said: I like to fish where the fish are. Roughly translated, she was saying that she likes to spend her advertising budgets where her customers are. Makes sense. 

The challenge is that your “fish” are spending roughly 50% of their time on Google and Facebook. With that concentration, you can be sure there are a lot of fishermen hovering around the Google and Facebook ponds. 

Think of this like a fishing derby. If you have ever been to one, you likely remember bobbing and weaving to avoid hooks flying through the air. The fish are spooked by the activity, and everyone is elbowing everyone for room. 

In marketing, the story translates. 

  • You have a lot of advertisers, which means advertising can become quite expensive. 
  • The customers are expecting your bait, and are less likely to bite. 
  • The whole experience isn’t a ton of fun for anyone. 

You should still fish in those crowded ponds… but what about the other 50% of the time spent online? How do you engage customers in those other spots? There are lots of advantages. Less crowding means

  • Customers are more responsive
  • Pricing is typically less
  • Your ads are more effective

The challenge is being able to efficiently fish those other pools of consumers: 

  • You have to find the right spots
  • You have to figure out what bait works

This is where the GoodYou experience and focus on developing amazing partnerships pays off. 

Woman fishing on Fishing rod spinning in Norway. Fishing in Norway is a way to embrace the local lifestyle. Countless lakes and rivers and an extensive coastline means outstanding opportunities…

We will be your advertising sherpa, guiding you to the right ponds, helping you fish them correctly, and scaling (punny fish joke) your business by finding your fish where the fish are.  

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