What's your story?

We tell your story to the right people at the right time on the right platforms. Efficiently. Creatively. At Scale. 

Good Stuff

What we do

Digital marketing is a unique combination of science and art. We’ve helped most of the various platforms evolve and talk to each other. We know how they work, how they impact one another and how to leverage them to hit your ROI goals at scale. 



Search Optimization, Paid Search and Content Strategies all work together to find customers and clients most likely to find you. This is a long term play, but typically the most efficient. 



To really scale, you will likely want to expand into display advertising. We leverage unique data and publishing partnerships to find your audience in places not named Google and Facebook. 


Social Media

We help you tell your story, but we also focus on how others tell it for you on sites like Yelp, Twitter, Instagram and others.

Tying It Together

Big Picture

Everything you do will have measurable impact on other pieces of your marketing. It’s why we focus on a holistic approach. 


How we think

Experience has taught us to focus on the big picture when it comes to online strategy. The story you tell is as important as how you tell it. 

Crafting The Story

the lens through which you are seen

A great story is understandable and repeatable.
Lenses are simple and powerful. We focus your lens to project a simple, powerful message.

book truck

Your competition is on Google and Facebook. And you should be too. But it's really crowded.
Our partnerships help you tell your story to a more captivated audience.


where and how you tell your story

Pivot and Scale

we'll have to make a few edits

We start with the basics that more-than-likely will work. As we grow, we find new opportunities that make sense for you. These opportunities will always be low-risk, big upside. So... when we miss, not a big deal. When we hit, we scale.

Meet our Friends

Who we know

We’ve spent a lot of time building strategic partnerships with the best platforms. This gives us (and you) the ability to diversify and find new audiences who want to hear your story. 

Your Team

Who we are

We complement each other, and sometimes compliment each other. We’ve spent years helping the world’s largest marketers scale multi-channel across Search, Native, Display, Video, Social, Mobile, Apps…. you name the trend, we figured it out with a focus on hitting an ROI. We will earn your trust with results, transparency and accountability. Give us a shout.

Jeff Ventre

Beardor, Founder

If Jeff had a middle name... well actually he does. Jeff's venerable background includes media buying for major agencies and strategic operations at Fortune 500 companies.

Jason Kaufman

Biker, Founder

Jason's expertise spans decades and belies his youthful exterior. He brings leadership expertise in roles with huge online retailers, major publishers and communication technology.

Keith Getchell

Tinkerer, Founder

Keith is a creative thinker who also happens to enjoy and succeed at growing revenue. His background includes sales, sales and sales.